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Make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of renewable energy with SunWind. Our small wind turbines are a reliable, effi- cient, and cost-effective solution for your energy needs. Embrace the power of nature and be a part of the clean energy revolution. Contact us today to learn more about our products, installation services, and how SunWind can help you harness the power of wind to create a sustainable future.

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Electric Vehicles will achieve their environmental benefit only when charged by renewable energy. Charging EV through fossil powered Grid power only shifts the point of pollution to EV systems. Electric Vehicles continue to require EV charging post sunset also when solar power ceases to exist. Wind turbines provide round the clock power genera- tion unlike solar. Due to the advantage of round the clock charging of wind turbines the bat- tery storage capacity requirement can be reduced and thereby reduce the cost of battery storage. Round the clock battery charging from wind turbines help increase the bat- tery life without letting the battery discharge beyond a certain level. Small wind turbines are unaffected by dust accumulation unlike solar, espe- cially when on highways. This improves the performance and efficiency of the EV charging station

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SWT Water Pumping Solution

SWT Wind solar Hybrid Power Solutions For Pumpsets has been developed to generate power from wind & sunlightnatural resources a Renewable Energy system SWT windsolar hybrid is a special design for the bore well pumpsets A Proven design ideally suited for running bore well pumpsets throughout the year. Custom–built system as persite conditions and water requirement Pumping of water up to 1000ft depth

Grid Connected Wind Turbines

SWT 10 KW windmills, with special design, are suitable for the transfer of power to the HT Grid line. These windmills can be installed in between the big windmills so that the wind energy available at a lower level can also we captured and this additional power can be connected to the grid and by this method megawatt level can be achieved. Evenin Agricultural fields' excess power can be supplied to the grid line.

Renewable Energy Generation

Small wind turbines harness the power of wind to generate electricity. By utilizing a clean and renewable energy source, they contribute to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and the associated carbon emissions. This helps combat climate change and promotes a more sustainable energy future.

Educational and Awareness Building

Incorporating small wind turbines into educational institutions or public spaces can serve as a valuable educational tool. They can raise awareness about renewable energy, sustainability, and climate change, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship among individuals and communities.

Energy Independence

Installing a small wind turbine allows individuals or communities to generate their own electricity on-site. This can provide energy independence, especially in remote or off-grid locations. It reduces dependence on centralized power grids and the associated transmission losses, enhancing energy resilience.

Local Job Creation

The production, installation, and maintenance of small wind turbines can create employment opportunities at the local level. These jobs range from manufacturing components to installation, operation, and maintenance. Thus, small wind turbines can contribute to local economic development.

Cost Savings

Small wind turbines can help reduce electricity bills. When properly sized and installed, they can generate a significant portion of a household's or a small business's electricity needs. This offsets the need to purchase power from utili- ty providers, resulting in long-term cost savings.